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PostHeaderIcon Even the best laid plans…

Some days everything seems to go wrong doesn’t it?

Or is it just that it doesn’t go to our particular right?

When I think about it, although the way I planned my day didn’t work out, maybe someone else’s did. They may have messed with mine but then again, did it turn out so bad?

I’m thinking that if one person’s plans go wrong maybe another person’s plans go right. Could it be that when we plan our day we forget to consider what plans the people around us have made for their day? Should we have to? If we make a plan to get things done do we need to make a contingency plan to allow for other people’s plans?

Or do we go with the flow?

Ah, I know many people will be shrieking in terror at the thought but; is it really so hard to go with the flow?

Unless you have an unbreakable commitment aren’t we all more used to going with the flow than we realise? For instance, who really knows what tomorrow will bring?

Sometimes it may unnerve us or make us feel like everything is going wrong when plans change but what if we looked at it from a positive angle? It’s a matter of choice.

Today I had a plan. Actually, I had a couple of plans. My workday was planned; until several other people messed with it and I lost time to the unexpected. Now I’m behind in some things but finished others – do I laugh or cry?

I also had a plan for after work. Seems that was another waste of time! One part of my plan was cancelled and another part was missed because someone else forgot. By that point I was faced with a choice; do I start to feel frustrated, angry and fed-up or do I laugh it off.

Well, I’ll be truthful and say it was feeling very easy to drift into at least; “highly annoyed,” at the time I’d wasted but then I realised I was glad to be wandering around on what was a beautiful, sunny evening rather than already home. It also meant when I got home I’d make dinner rather than spend too much (I’m meant to be saving for a holiday!) so, I smiled and wandered to the bus stop, just in time to see the bus I needed pull away! Grrrrrrr…….but; I sat and enjoyed the sunshine a bit longer.

When I got home I made exactly the dinner I felt like, turned on the TV and without any planning, happened to be on the correct channel to be faced with one of my all-time favourite chick-flicks – You’ve Got Mail!

What a perfect ending to a day that went so wrong. Or did it?


PostHeaderIcon It’s not all bad…

Sometimes bad things happen to good people and a couple of weeks ago I was involved in a bad thing. The good news is it wasn’t all bad and lessons were learned. Yes, I’m still positive and surprisingly, so is the friend who was the victim of an all round bad week.

We’d decided to meet for a drink, something to eat and a catchup as my friend had fallen victim to the volcanic ash stopping flights into and out of the UK and Europe. Not only was she stuck at home on a week off but she’d missed a wedding and catchup with many old friends.

So, we found a spot, settled in for a drink and started to chat. My friend was quite philosophical about the missed holiday and looking on the bright side, noted that at least she was having a break and actually getting the things done that she didn’t usually have time for.

As we enjoyed our drinks and dinner, the place filled and we realised we were sitting under a big screen showing the football game between Spain and England…things could get messy! We finished eating just as the match ended and people started leaving – a good time for us to go too. That was when we found someone had taken my friend’s bag.

Oh my god – doesn’t describe the awful feeling of realising someone has basically grabbed your life in their hands and left you stranded. Needless to say 2-3 stressful hours of running around, trying to remember what was in the bag, what needed reporting and cancelling and deciding what should be done first, followed.

The sudden realisation that my friend’s licence with address was in the bag along with her keys sent us scurrying home – well, to her work place 1st where she had a spare set of keys, then home.

For me; it’s awful to think there are people out there who have no hesitation at taking a female’s bag and leaving her totally stranded – no money, no phone, no cards, no keys…nothing. For my friend; it was awful to think she’d been so stupid. She’d seen her bag on the floor with people sitting next to it and thought she should move it then silently reprimanded herself for being so suspicious. Now she felt like a fool.

Aside from the inconvenience and worry of having all your funds and security at risk, there was also a loss of personal and sentimental items that any woman will understand – yes, we all have so much stuff in our handbags that the loss goes way beyond the practical.

I’ve convinced my friend to stop beating herself up – we’ve all ignored those warning signs from time to time and sometimes we’re lucky, sometimes we’re not. She’s been great at looking on the bright side; how lucky we were that my bag was left so we could get home, she had spare keys and a spare phone – all positives, besides, we must accept the things we can’t change.

We’ve both learned a lesson – listen to your instincts. Don’t worry if you think you’re being suspicious or cynical, none of us want to be but on the other hand, we need to be realistic. Oh yeah, spare keys, credit card and a backup of your phone contacts isn’t a bad idea either!

PostHeaderIcon Back in the day to day

Well here I am, a new location but somehow I’m back in what most people see as a normal life – and what I see as “the same old, same old.”

The good news is; I’ve moved into my new place – with only one flat mate. I guess that in itself is almost a move into “normality” after living with TEN others. That experience should make at least one great chapter for my best-seller!

My new room

My new room

The other news; I won’t say good but due to necessity it’s not bad, is – I’m working.

Yes, I’ve succumbed to the need to earn a dollar or in my case right now, to earn a pound. Of course I’d much rather still be roaming the world free as a bird to do whatever I choose whenever I choose but for now – let’s look at this as making the money to do it all again.

On the bright side; my never-ending positive outlook tells me that whilst I may feel I’m back in the day to day, living, working – all on a predictable rotation, I’m actually living in a different country where I know hardly anyone and starting out all over again so in reality – WooHoo…another adventure has just begun!

PostHeaderIcon Time flies

I can hardly believe I’ve been back in Australia six months. When did that happen? I still remember how I felt during my last week in Bangkok – the last stop of my 12month IWOM adventure.

It was horrible. I knew everyone expected me to feel excited to be returning “home” and about to see all my family and friends again but I didn’t want to go. Why? Because it felt like life as I’d come to know and love it, was ending.

Dinner in Bangkok

Dinner in Bangkok

I know they say that with endings come new beginnings but that wasn’t how I felt at the time. The other day I read something I’d written the night before my flight to Australia that sums things up quite well;

At the thought of heading back to Australia my mind goes blank. I was feeling, I guess, a kind of denial two weeks ago, denial that all this time has passed and now I’m expected to go back and act like nothing’s happened.

Now I feel nothing and think nothing – seems I’ve finally found a way to clear my mind. Perhaps I’ll even be able to meditate now, if I think of going back – wards.

Kind of depressing I know but hey, I’d just spent almost 18 months in total, going wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted and living exactly as I like to – on my own time. I always say I have no rules and that was a time when it was absolutely true.

Heading back to Australia felt like going backwards. I knew that no matter what I’d seen and done, everyone there would be the same, doing the same things and expecting me to fit back into those lives. I also knew I planned to work for a while. Well, I had to so I made it my plan; and I knew that would place me back into the day-to-day I so wanted to avoid, faster than anything else could.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Australia and the outdoor lifestyle, I love my family and my friends, I just didn’t ever love the day-to-day grind we fall into or the fact that people worry about the little things and forget to make time to have a bit of fun, to live in the moment – dare I say, noone knows when it may be the last.

By the way, I felt guilty too. Guilty toward all the people I knew were in Australia looking forward to my return. I did want to spend time with them, I just wanted them to come to me in a different location so I could share some of my excitement and experiences with them. Selfish? Maybe, but it was with good intent.

Sad face-leaving Bangkok

Sad face-leaving Bangkok

Well, as I said about endings…new beginnings. I put myself on the plane and arrived in Australia with my mind set on what I was doing next. I don’t tend to think in terms of “I might do…,” I tend to think and say out loud, “I’m doing …” That often prompts people to suggest I may be disappointed if things don’t turn out but I laugh at the thought because the way I see it, if I’ve said it, I’ll do it.

I guess my thoughts on being positive are another story for me to tell but let’s just say I think Pollyanna had the right idea in finding a positive side to everything.

So, my new beginning? It’s underway and almost on schedule – my schedule so actually yes, it’s on schedule. I stepped off the plane and said I was staying to work a few months, catch up with everyone then return to the UK by Christmas.

Enjoying the Aussie lifestyle

Enjoying the Aussie lifestyle

It took a few weeks longer to find temp work and the rates aren’t as good as they once were (apparently due to the global financial crisis) so I won’t be in the UK for Christmas. The Pollyanna side to that is, I’ll now spend Christmas and New Year with family and friends plus maybe miss the worst of the UK winter by returning in February. You see, it is easy to find a bright side.

 FYI: definition of Pollyanna

(source: )

 Noun – an excessively or blindly optimistic person.

Adjective – Also, Pollyannaish, unreasonably or illogically optimistic: some Pollyanna notions about world peace.

Origin: from the name of the child heroine created by Eleanor Porter (1868-1920), American writer

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