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PostHeaderIcon What, when, why and HOW?

Not so long ago I was looking at some of my (many) photos as I wanted to make an online birthday card for a friend. Of course I got side-tracked and started going through all my photos, including those without that friend in them; heading further off task and down memory lane.

Usually there’s no harm in reminiscing; it’s fun. However this time it sent my mind down the wrong path. The path with weeds growing through it’s cracked, litter-strewn surface. The path just waiting to trip each of us as we tread hesitantly along. The path of discontent.

You see, as I looked at photos of great times with friends or new faces, in places I know well and places I was enthusiastically learning about, I could clearly see how happy and relaxed I looked and started to wonder why I wasn’t feeling that way. Why wasn’t I doing the things I loved doing every day and why was I feeling trapped in “routine?” A place I’d promised myself I’d never be in.

This path was one I didn’t want to stay on!

As it happens, I’m a believer in positivity and attraction, you know – what we focus on we draw to us so we should try to see everything in a positive manner rather than focussing on the negative. As a result I thought about all the things I love doing and the lifestyle I want to live and how I could get back on track with that.

Then as usually happens; an opportunity appeared in the form of coincidence. I received an email containing information about a  networking event that was promoting a life coach as their guest speaker. That triggered something held on the back-burner of my brain – an interest I’d had for a few years but done nothing about due to my somewhat itinerant lifestyle. It’s been a while since I’ve stayed anywhere long enough to take on a study course.

I did a web search on coaching and and found the opportunity to do an introduction course so I enrolled immediately – before I could procrastinate! I’m so glad I did as I spent two days learning about coaching, learning some tools used in decision making and basically benefitting from some free coaching!

WHAT did the free coaching achieve?

  • A clearer focus on what I want and how I can achieve it

WHEN will that happen?

  • It’s already started; I’m now doing a six month course in personal coaching

WHY have I decided to study coaching?

  • This fits my personality, areas of strength and the lifestyle I want to live

HOW will it take away my feeling of discontent?

  • It already has, I now feel I’m on track to doing something I’ll enjoy and find satisfaction with

The great thing is; I’m focussed again and feeling good – good enough to tell you about it, good enough to ask you to think about WHAT you want, WHEN can you make a start, WHY do you want it and HOW great will you feel when you start the journey?


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