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PostHeaderIcon Another “ism”

Perhaps it’s not the worst of all the “ism’s” – race-ism, sex-ism; but my latest pet hate is age-ism.

When I say latest that’s not strictly true. It’s been a pet hate for a while now as I’ve found myself in the position of having to justify my age to someone who most often is younger than me. I get that anyone under 25 thinks 25 and over is OLD but hey, isn’t 40 the new 30?

What a bizarre twist this is when you consider how many times we all tried to pretend we were older to gain entrance to a venue or join a group.

My days of pretending to be older are long gone and these days I’m  happy with where I’m at however, I’m constantly frustrated by other people who seem unable to accept me for who I am and try to categorise me because of their age perceptions.

When I decided to travel and wanted to work at Summer Camp USA I was initially told I was too old but when I persisted and gained an interview I was suddenly found to be a perfect candidate and received a placement. What a surprise it must have been to the 20something interviewer as he told me, “he couldn’t believe how well he was getting on with me and how lively and energetic I seemed!”

For heavens sake – is 40 the new 95 in his eyes?

I’ve noticed most over 40’s have more energy and enthusiasm for living life and experiencing new things than the under 30’s who live for the latest X-box game or I-phone update so there!

What’s brought this outburst on you may ask? TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY and whilst I’ve had a lovely champagne brekky and am enjoying my day, I received a phone call from someone checking a form I’d filled out in relation to my future accommodation in the UK because she thought my birth date must be incorrect.

In fairness, I understand it’s not everyone over 40 who wishes to live in shared accommodation, particularly when the other occupants may be a lot younger however, I thought it was overkill when after I confirmed my birthdate she still had to ask in a shocked tone, “so how old are you?”

It seems I have come a full circle from trying to prove I was old enough to participate to nowadays, trying to prove I’m young enough to participate. Luckily, I like me just the way I am.

Happy Birthday to me.

Happy Birthday to me

Happy Birthday to me

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