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PostHeaderIcon Even the best laid plans…

Some days everything seems to go wrong doesn’t it?

Or is it just that it doesn’t go to our particular right?

When I think about it, although the way I planned my day didn’t work out, maybe someone else’s did. They may have messed with mine but then again, did it turn out so bad?

I’m thinking that if one person’s plans go wrong maybe another person’s plans go right. Could it be that when we plan our day we forget to consider what plans the people around us have made for their day? Should we have to? If we make a plan to get things done do we need to make a contingency plan to allow for other people’s plans?

Or do we go with the flow?

Ah, I know many people will be shrieking in terror at the thought but; is it really so hard to go with the flow?

Unless you have an unbreakable commitment aren’t we all more used to going with the flow than we realise? For instance, who really knows what tomorrow will bring?

Sometimes it may unnerve us or make us feel like everything is going wrong when plans change but what if we looked at it from a positive angle? It’s a matter of choice.

Today I had a plan. Actually, I had a couple of plans. My workday was planned; until several other people messed with it and I lost time to the unexpected. Now I’m behind in some things but finished others – do I laugh or cry?

I also had a plan for after work. Seems that was another waste of time! One part of my plan was cancelled and another part was missed because someone else forgot. By that point I was faced with a choice; do I start to feel frustrated, angry and fed-up or do I laugh it off.

Well, I’ll be truthful and say it was feeling very easy to drift into at least; “highly annoyed,” at the time I’d wasted but then I realised I was glad to be wandering around on what was a beautiful, sunny evening rather than already home. It also meant when I got home I’d make dinner rather than spend too much (I’m meant to be saving for a holiday!) so, I smiled and wandered to the bus stop, just in time to see the bus I needed pull away! Grrrrrrr…….but; I sat and enjoyed the sunshine a bit longer.

When I got home I made exactly the dinner I felt like, turned on the TV and without any planning, happened to be on the correct channel to be faced with one of my all-time favourite chick-flicks – You’ve Got Mail!

What a perfect ending to a day that went so wrong. Or did it?


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