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PostHeaderIcon Amy Jade Winehouse (14 September 1983 – 23 July 2011)

One week already! Yes, last Saturday I, like so many others, was shocked to hear that Amy Winehouse had died.

Amy Winehouse performing

Amy Winehouse performing

Shocked? Many react as if that’s ridiculous. Given her history I guess it may seem less than shocking however, I think many of us fans (and even those who aren’t) were shocked in the way we always are when someone famous dies, particularly if they’re young and have so much yet to achieve.

What’s less shocking is that within hours the “jokes” were already flooding the social and other networks. Such supposedly witty remarks as “she should have gone to rehab” in reference to one of her biggest hits left me cold and unsmiling.

I admit, my sense of humour is lacking in this area – or do those wittier than me term it irony? Do they forget (or not care) that this was a person with a family left behind to grieve the loss of a loved one? I wonder if they’re laughing.

Maybe I’m too sensitive. I doubt it. I know I have good manners and perhaps that’s more to the point. Show a little respect people – or didn’t your parents teach you such things? Perhaps Amy Winehouse was on a path to self destruction, her mother said last week she’d felt it was a matter of time but; does that make her loss less painful or somehow funny?  I can’t find it in my imagination to believe so.

Cover - Amy Winehouse: Frank

Cover - Amy Winehouse: Frank

Amy was a great talent who burst onto the music scene at the age of 20. Not only did most of the songs on her first album Frank become hits, she won more awards than many artists twice her age including 5 Grammys in one year. She may have been young but she didn’t sound it. Her music had the sound of life experience – and an amazing voice!

Being a fan of jazz, blues & soul (amongst other things), I remember that the first time I heard Amy Winehouse I thought she was much older and probably black. I don’t know if that’s ok to say but hey, she reminded me of the likes of Ella Fitzgerald. It was no surprise to me later to hear her biggest influence was Dinah Washington. She also liked the 50’s/60’s girl bands like the Vandellas and Shirelles and her remake of Valerie bears testament to that.

Cover: Amy Winehouse - Back To Black

Cover: Amy Winehouse - Back To Black

Her second album Back to Blackwas an even bigger hit with so many singles it almost seems like a greatest hits album. Rehab was of course the first but then there are so many others. This one was full of experience as she’d had a break-up with the man she then went on to marry and those emotions came through loud and clear.

Although it may seem sentimental and girly I have to say I’m sorry she’s gone. Sorry for her family and selfishly sorry there’ll be no new material from her. If she could write songs and express them in the way she did in her early 20’s, what would she have achieved by 40?

I have so many favourites but I’ll leave you with one of my very favourites Love is a Losing Game.


RIP Amy – truly a talent lost to us.

Flowers, pictures and messages outside Amy's house - July 2011

Flowers, pictures and messages outside Amy’s house – July 2011



PostHeaderIcon Parlez vous Français?

Bonjour tout, comment allez vous?

Recently, I spent a week in France, Rouen to be exact, at school. It may seem a strange choice for a holiday but I dream of speaking French like the French do so a week in language school is just a small but logical step.

In my usual multi-tasking manner, I went to school in one of the locations that’s been on my “must-visit” list for a while.  For those who don’t know, Rouen is the town in which Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc) was burned at the stake in 1431. Her heart remained whole so the remains were burnt twice more  then thrown in the river in an attempt to avoid creating a martyr!

Jeanne d'Arc memorial garden

The location where Jeanne d'Arc was burned at the stake in 1431

It truly doesn’t seem a fitting reward for the girl that put a French king back on the throne but then again, perhaps she should have kept details of her mentors to herself. Some folk obviously didn’t take too kindly to Angels speaking to a simple peasant girl.

Rouen local’s say Jeanne’s mother never gave up hope that her daughter would be cleared of all charges of witchery and heresy and finally; 24 years later, could rest when Pope Callistus III directed Jeanne’s trial be reviewed resulting in the sentence being quashed. Jeanne was canonised in 1920.

St Jeanne d'Arc chapel - Rouen Cathedral

Lighting a candle for my loved ones at the St Jeanne d'Arc chapel - Rouen Cathedral

Although St Jeanne d’Arc met a tragic ending, she’s a legendary example of a girl who stuck to what she believed no matter what.

I realise I’m simplifying her story immensely as I can’t do her justice and keep this to a reasonable length however, I find her story amazing and hope this snippet inspires you to learn more or; even knowing this much, find in Jeanne d’Arc, the inspiration to stick to your guns. Spare a thought for her mother who is rarely mentioned as part of this history but also continued until she succeeded in clearing her daughter’s name.

As well as satisfying my desire to visit Rouen, my week in school was wonderful but much too short. I chose to stay with a French host(ess) to enhance my learning and that was a wise choice. Not only did it force me to try harder from the moment I arrived (my hostess spoke no English); I made a new friend, Ghislaine.

Café avec Ghislaine

Café avec Ghislaine

I arrived on Easter Sunday and had another day before I’d begin school so I was a little concerned but those are often just the types of situations we need to be thrown into in order to progress. With my minimal French and no English assistance from Ghislaine we still managed to work out all living arrangements, directions to school (2 buses) and chat about our families and background.

School was no different. French is all that is spoken from the moment you arrive no matter what level you’re at! I’m not sure how the total beginners coped but everyone seemed to manage. My goal was to learn conjugation. So tricky but must be understood if you want to get things in the correct tense and speak in sentences.

Working hard with classmate Lindsey

Working hard with classmate Lindsey



At the end of a week I was just beginning to understand (a little) and have correct conversations rather than speaking pigeon-French so I was totally miserable at having to leave. Sometimes that’s the trouble with living your dreams, some of them have to be done in stages.

C’est la vie!




PostHeaderIcon Even the best laid plans…

Some days everything seems to go wrong doesn’t it?

Or is it just that it doesn’t go to our particular right?

When I think about it, although the way I planned my day didn’t work out, maybe someone else’s did. They may have messed with mine but then again, did it turn out so bad?

I’m thinking that if one person’s plans go wrong maybe another person’s plans go right. Could it be that when we plan our day we forget to consider what plans the people around us have made for their day? Should we have to? If we make a plan to get things done do we need to make a contingency plan to allow for other people’s plans?

Or do we go with the flow?

Ah, I know many people will be shrieking in terror at the thought but; is it really so hard to go with the flow?

Unless you have an unbreakable commitment aren’t we all more used to going with the flow than we realise? For instance, who really knows what tomorrow will bring?

Sometimes it may unnerve us or make us feel like everything is going wrong when plans change but what if we looked at it from a positive angle? It’s a matter of choice.

Today I had a plan. Actually, I had a couple of plans. My workday was planned; until several other people messed with it and I lost time to the unexpected. Now I’m behind in some things but finished others – do I laugh or cry?

I also had a plan for after work. Seems that was another waste of time! One part of my plan was cancelled and another part was missed because someone else forgot. By that point I was faced with a choice; do I start to feel frustrated, angry and fed-up or do I laugh it off.

Well, I’ll be truthful and say it was feeling very easy to drift into at least; “highly annoyed,” at the time I’d wasted but then I realised I was glad to be wandering around on what was a beautiful, sunny evening rather than already home. It also meant when I got home I’d make dinner rather than spend too much (I’m meant to be saving for a holiday!) so, I smiled and wandered to the bus stop, just in time to see the bus I needed pull away! Grrrrrrr…….but; I sat and enjoyed the sunshine a bit longer.

When I got home I made exactly the dinner I felt like, turned on the TV and without any planning, happened to be on the correct channel to be faced with one of my all-time favourite chick-flicks – You’ve Got Mail!

What a perfect ending to a day that went so wrong. Or did it?


PostHeaderIcon Change…

Are you ready for a change?

Go on…tell me about it.

Never thought I'd get to do this....

Never thought I'd get to do this....

PostHeaderIcon Happy Birthday to me!

I was born on a Monday around 1pm…not so long ago!

As I head swiftly toward another birthday…dare I blink, knowing I share my day with one of my work friends, I wondered who else shares our day? Seems we’re not in bad company;

If today is your birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  1. Andre-Marie Ampere. January 20, 1775. He was a French physicist in the field of electromagnetism. June 10, 1836-†

  2. Andy Sheppard. January 20, 1957. British jazz saxophonist and composer.

  3. Anson Jones. January 20, 1798. He was the fourth and last president of the Republic of Texas. January 9, 1858-†

  4. Ashikaga Yoshimasa. January 20, 1435. He was the 8th shogun of the Ashikaga shogunate from 1449 until 1473. January 27, 1490-†

  5. Bill Le Sage. January 20, 1927. He was a British pianist, vibraphonist, composer, arranger and bandleader. October 31, 2001-†

  6. Bretaigne Windust. January 20, 1906. He was a French-born American theatre, film, and TV director. March 18, 1960-†

  7. Carlotta Monti. January 20, 1907. She was an American actress. December 8, 1993-†

  8. Carlyle Blackwell. January 20, 1884. He was an American actor, director and producer. June 17, 1955-†

  9. Carol Heiss. January 20, 1940. American figure skater.

  10. Charles III of Spain. January 20, 1716. He was King of Spain from 1759 until 1788. December 14, 1788-†

  11. Chuck Domanico. January 20, 1944. He was an American jazz bassist. October 17, 2002-†

  12. Clarice Cliff. January 20, 1899. She was an English ceramic artist. October 23, 1972-†

  13. Colin Clive. January 20, 1900. He was a British actor. June 25, 1937-†

  14. Connie Haines. January 20, 1921. She was an American singer. September 22, 2008-†

  15. Crystal Lowe. January 20, 1981. Canadian model and actress.

  16. Daniel Cudmore. January 20, 1981. Canadian actor. Film, X-Men.

  17. David Tudor. January 20, 1926. He was an American musician, composer and pianist. August 13, 1996-†

  18. Derrick Green. January 20, 1971. Vocalist & guitarist. Band, Sepultura.

  19. Edwin McCain. January 20, 1970. American singer-songwriter and musician.

  20. Emil Newman. January 20, 1911. He was an American composer and conductor. August 30, 1984-†

  21. Eric Stewart. January 20, 1945. English musician, songwriter and record producer. Bands, Mindbenders and 10cc.

  22. Fabia Drake. January 20, 1904. She was an English actress. February 28, 1990-†

  23. Farhad {Farhad Mehrad}. January 20, 1944. He was an Iranian rock singer, songwriter, guitarist and pianist. August 31, 2002-†

  24. Finlay Currie. January 20, 1878. He was a Scottish actor. 1968-†

  25. Fireball Roberts. January 20, 1929. He was an American racing car driver. July 2, 1964-†

  26. Frank Marlowe. January 20, 1904. He was an American actor. March 30, 1964-†

  27. George Johnson. January 20, 1952. American writer and author.

  28. Ghulam Ishaq Khan. January 20, 1915. He was the seventh president of Pakistan from 1988 until 1993. October 27, 2006-†

  29. Gordian III. {Marcus Antonius Gordianus Pius}. January 20, 225. He was Roman Emperor from 238 until 244-†

  30. Graham Stark. January 20, 1922. English comedian, actor, writer and director.

  31. Greg Kriesel. January 20, 1965. American bass guitarist and backing vocalist. Band, The Offspring.

  32. Ian Hill. January 20, 1951. English musician-bassist. Band, Judas Priest.

  33. Isabel Withers. January 20, 1896. She was an American actress. September 3, 1968-†

  34. Ivan Fischer. January 20, 1951. Hungarian conductor.

  35. Jamie Denton. January 20, 1963. American actor. TV, Desperate Housewives.

  36. Jamiluddin Aali. January 20, 1926. Indian-born Pakistani Urdu poet, playwright, essayist and columnist.

  37. Jane Hall. January 20, 1971. Australian actress and comedienne.

  38. Jason Richardson. January 20, 1981. American basketball player.

  39. Jimmy Cobb. January 20, 1929. American jazz drummer.

  40. Jimmy Smith. January 20, 1947. Scottish football player.

  41. Joe Swash. January 20, 1982. English actor. TV, EastEnders and I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!.

  42. Joel Pott. January 20, 1979. British vocalist and guitarist. Indie band, Athlete.

  43. John Beal. January 20, 1947. American film composer.

  44. John Ireland. January 20, 1914. He was a Canadian actor and film director. March 21, 1992-†

  45. John Michael Montgomery. January 20, 1965. American country music artist. Duo, Montgomery Gentry {Troy Gentry}.

  46. Jorma Nortimo. January 20, 1906. He was a Finnish film director and actor. July 2, 1958-†

  47. Josef Hofmann. January 20, 1876. He was a Polish-American pianist, composer and inventor. February 16, 1957-†

  48. Joy Giovanni. January 20, 1978. American actress, model and wrestler.

  49. Juan Garcia Esquivel. January 20, 1918. He was a Mexican band leader, pianist and film composer. January 3, 2002-†

  50. Kaho Minami. January 20, 1964. Japanese actress.

  51. Ken Page. January 20, 1954. American singer and actor.

  52. Kerri Kenney-Silver. January 20, 1970. American actress, comedian, singer and writer. TV, as Deputy Trudy Wiegel in Reno 911!.

  53. Krishnam Raju. January 20, 1940. Indian actor.

  54. Leon Ames. January 20, 1903. He was an American actor. October 12, 1993-†

  55. Linda Moulton Howe. January 20, 1942. American investigative journalist, documentary producer, director, writer and editor.

  56. Liza Goddard. January 20, 1950. English actress.

  57. Lorenzo Lamas. January 20, 1958. American actor.

  58. Mel Pritchard. January 20, 1948. He was a British musician. Band, Barclay James Harvest. January 28, 2004-†

  59. Melissa Rivers. January 20, 1968. American TV host.

  60. Melody. {Nathalie Lefebvre}. January 20, 1977. Belgian singer.

  61. Michel Goyette. January 20, 1973. Canadian actor.

  62. Mischa Elman. January 20, 1891. He was a Ukrainian-born American violinist. April 5, 1967-†

  63. Mitch Benn. January 20, 1970. British musician and stand-up comedian.

  64. Nadia Di Cello. January 20, 1989. Argentinian actress.

  65. Nancy Kress. January 20, 1948. American writer of science novels.

  66. Nicky Wire. January 20, 1969. Welsh lyricist, bassist and vocalist. Band, Manic Street Preachers.

  67. Nora Brockstedt. January 20, 1923. Norwegian singer.

  68. Olivia Hallinan. January 20, 1984. English actress.

  69. Owen Hargreaves. January 20, 1981. English football player.

  70. Paul Coverdell. January 20, 1939. He was a United States Senator from Georgia from 1993 until 2000. July 18, 2000-†

  71. Paul Masvidal. January 20, 1971. American guitarist and singer. Bands, Cynic and Eon Spoke.

  72. Paula Stone. January 20, 1912. She was an American actress. December 23, 1997-†

  73. Paula Taylor. January 20, 1983. Thai-born English actress, model and TV presenter.

  74. Paula Wessely. January 20, 1907. She was an Austrian actress. May 11, 2000-†

  75. Pierre Lalonde. January 20, 1941. Canadian singer and TV host.

  76. Qurratulain Hyder. January 20, 1928. She was an Indian Urdu novelist, writer and journalist. August 21, 2007-†

  77. Rachel Perry. January 20, 1976. Canadian TV personality and music VJ.

  78. Rainn Wilson. January 20, 1966. American actor.

  79. Richard Sanders. January 20, 1945. He was an American wrestler. October 18, 1972-†

  80. Rick Evans. January 20, 1943. American singer and guitarist.

  81. Ron Townson. January 20, 1933. He was an African-American vocalist. Group, The 5th Dimension. August 2, 2001-†

  82. Roy Plomley. January 20 , 1914. He was an English radio broadcaster, producer, playwright & novelist. May 28, 1985-†

  83. Ruth St. Denis. January 20, 1879. She was an American contemporary dance innovator. July 21, 1968-†

  84. Scott Thunes. January 20, 1960. American bass player.

  85. Sebastian of Portugal. January 20, 1554. He was the 16th king of Portugal and the Algarves from 1557 until his death. August 4, 1578-†

  86. Sid “Ratboy” Wilson. January 20, 1977. American musician. Band, Slipknot.

  87. Skeet Ulrich. {Bryan Ray}. January 20, 1970. American actor.

  88. Slim Whitman. January 20, 1924. American country music singer and songwriter.

  89. Tom Baker. January 20, 1934. English actor and comedian. TV, Doctor Who.

  90. Toni Gonzaga. January 20, 1984. Philippine TV host, singer, actress and model.

  91. Tracii Guns. January 20, 1966. American rock guitarist, musician, and songwriter of various bands.

  92. U Razak. {Abdul Razak}. January 20, 1898. He was a Burmese politician and an educationalist. July 19, 1947-†

  93. Wakanohana Masaru. January 20, 1971. Japanese sumo wrestler.

  94. Walter W. Bacon. January 20, 1880. He was an American Governor of Delaware from 1941 until 1949. March 18, 1962-†

  95. Walter Piston. January 20, 1894. He was an American composer of classical music. November 12, 1976-†

  96. William Berger. {Bill Berger}. January 20, 1928. He was a European actor. October 2, 1993-†

  97. Wyatt Knight. January 20, 1955. American actor.

  98. Yvette Guilbert. January 20, 1865. She was a French singer. February 3, 1944-†

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PostHeaderIcon New Tricks

There’s a saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” that in my opinion is another myth. In some cases, I think it gives people something to hide behind. They quote that phrase as if it’s scientifically proven in order to justify that they don’t want to try something new.

Every time I hear it I can’t help but wonder if the person is afraid of failure, resisting an unwanted change or just plain lazy. That may seem harsh but if you’re honest, you can probably think of a time when something new has come up and you’ve felt one of those motives propel you toward saying you wouldn’t be able to do such and such a new task or deal with a new or different situation.

I get it. I should say, I understand that most people don’t like change however in truth, I don’t get it. Whilst change may sometimes cause uncertainty I think people get too bogged down in that and forget to make their own path. When it feels like you have no control over the situation or other people are dictating the outcomes, why not make a move of your own and seize the opportunity that changes usually represent.

Recently, I met someone who was being made redundant at a time when jobs are not easily found. Although it came as a shock, this person told me it was going to be a good thing as he’d wanted to do something else for a long time but now realised he’d been playing it safe and become resigned that he’d probably never take the risk. Due to circumstance out of his control, he’d now be able to take that step and see it as moving in the right direction rather than risking what he already had.

Of course not everyone is equipped emotionally or financially to take that view but we could all start with the small things. If you really want to do something, how about taking some classes to help get you there. If you’re unhappy in your job, take action and start looking around rather than complaining whilst still turning up every day. If there’s a new task or situation thrown at you that you don’t understand so you fear failing, why not embrace it and take on all possible training and assistance to ensure your success – avoiding it will surely help you fail.

So many times I’ve wanted to do something and in the end I’ve realised that I need to make it happen as waiting brings no result. I’ve learned knew skills, taken jobs that were unfamiliar, even moved to new locations where I knew no-one. I’ve found every time that although it may take a while, I’ve succeeded in the end. Sometimes I’ve even surprised myself when things have turned out better than I’d hoped.

As for old dogs – it’s never too late. My father waited to retire until he was 69 and I’m sure it was partly because he had no idea what he’d do if he wasn’t working. He’s taken on a totally new lifestyle with open arms realising, if he waited around for something to do it would never come.

After years of saying he’d like to take up painting, he finally decided early this year to attend classes. Less than a year has passed and he’s just had his first exhibition and sold his first painting – something he wasn’t expecting but a wonderful bonus to being brave enough to ‘give it a go.’  

So, as we head rapidly toward another year, maybe it’s time to ask yourself what you’ve done this year. Have you achieved a goal, tried something new, made a friend you weren’t expecting or have you done the same old things and now wonder where another year has gone?

Old dogs (and young ones) can learn new tricks – I have a million ideas to get through, what’s yours going to be?

PostHeaderIcon A scarf for all seasons

You know, when I lived in Australia I never bothered with scarves. I didn’t even own one until a friend bought me a really cool, funky one that was made of lots of chenille loops (kinda hard to describe) and not the old Nanna type of thing I pictured when anyone mentioned scarf! More an accessory than a scarf – thanks Jo.

The beginning - scarf No. 1

The beginning - scarf No. 1

In fact, my worst nightmare was the so-called chic female with a scarf eternally knotted around her neck. No, I didn’t think it looked chic at all. I felt (and still do) that it looks so conservative I want to scream! Either that or the only excuse is that she’s an airline stewardess and it’s part of the uniform. Sorry neck-tie gals but there you have it!

Then a funny thing happened. Call it global warming, call it discovery on my part, whatever you call it; the chenille scarf was my favourite accessory as the Australian winter arrived and was unusually cold – yes, ‘proper’ scarves were in demand. Not the “chic” neck-ties but proper, warm scarves. Of course that was short lived in Australia but it was enough of a taste to make me pack the chenille scarf when I took off to see the world.

Flying the Mexican colours in Boston - accessorising!

Flying the Mexican colours in Boston - accessorising!

My first stop was America and it was summer but as I stayed for months it got colder I soon decided I needed another warmer scarf. When I visited Mexico, which was wonderfully hot, I terrified myself by deciding I just had to buy a cotton scarf for the in-between weather!

L..L...leopard skin - tres chic!

L..L...leopard skin - tres chic!

By the time I arrived in London I had 4 scarves, one with a matching hat! Of course it is leopard skin and looks great but for heavens sake, is this getting out of hand?

Needless to say, I’ve learned the value of a scarf. You see, several times I’ve raced out and having put my scarf down to pick up keys or other vitals, forgotten to pick it up again. Due to zero level temperatures or bone-chilling winds I’ve had to buy a new scarf to survive the outing. My collection is becoming quite valuable – both for warmth and in cost!

I now carry one in my bag – unless of course I happen to swap bags and forget…

Today I did it again. I bag-swapped (foolish when running late) and guess what?! I have another new scarf. I resisted as long as I could but as the peak temperature today was around 9degrees – I forgive myself.

As I handed over the cash and pondered yet again if I was really cold enough to justify the spend when I have several scarves at home, (18 now!) I found myself thinking “well, actually, I don’t have one in this colour so it’s ok,” I started to wonder if I’m showing signs of a new addiction.

It's cold outside...

It's cold outside...

Surely one plain coloured scarf would go with everything just as they say one great pair of black shoes will – then again, I have at least eight different styles of black shoes and none of those matches everything so how can necessity be classed as addiction? I’m OK!

A growing collection

A growing collection

PostHeaderIcon Can’t stop and chat…

Since moving to London I’ve been doing all sorts of things and just realised, I haven’t told you all about many of them yet! It seems I’m always too busy ‘out doing’ rather than stopping to chat about it.

Like the time I recently tried ‘jellied eels‘ – a love it or hate it UK tradition! Being the seafood lover that I am, I liked them; much to everyone’s surprise and some people’s horror :-)

Jellied Eels in Poole UK

Jellied Eels in Poole UK

Today I’m heading off to another new experience – Silverstone and the British 2010 Grand Prix. I’m not a race fan but am sure I’ll have a great time and enjoy the experience. For me, that’s usually the best part – the atmosphere and experiencing an event live.

Watch out for the photos and don’t forget to see if you can spot me on TV!

PostHeaderIcon A day to remember

Today is a lucky day. I remember it every year but today it bears good tidings in more ways than one.

My parents - the happy couple (1963)

My parents - the happy couple (1963)

Today is my parents wedding anniversary – today this year (2010), it’s their 47th; so in a period where divorce is the norm, it may seem a charmed day to some, a surprising day to others but for me, it’s a lucky day.

How lucky they met, ended up together and here we all are – I have sisters, a brother, a son, nephews and a niece all because of a random lucky occurence 47 years ago.

Was it Luck? Some people believe we choose our destiny. I agree to an extent but still feel there are random opportunities that we may either take up or miss and that’s not always by choice, sometimes we’re already caught up in so many things we don’t notice the random.

My father believes your destiny is pre-determined and what’s meant to happen does. I agree that seems reasonable but still believe we have choices and random opportunities that sometimes cause us to do something in complete opposition to our usual behaviours and patterns.

Is it destiny that causes a non-gambler to buy that once in a lifetime lottery ticket and win or is it a random stroke of luck?

Was it destiny that caused my parents to meet up again some time after initially meeting and not particularly liking each other? Or was it luck that they did and then found they each weren’t so bad after all? Haha, were they really MEANT to be together or are they lucky they’ve put up with each other so long? (Love you Ma & Pa!)

Today I called to say happy anniversary – I was telling my father about the saga I’ve been living; searching for a place to live in London and the looming threat of homelessness this weekend! To my surprise he said he wasn’t worried as he always knows whatever happens I sort things out/take care of myself and will always be ok.

I’d been feeling pretty fed up with the whole situation,starting to get more than a little worried and realising I probably wasn’t radiating much positive energy however, after talking to my Dad and hearing his positive thoughts I felt heaps better and made a decision.

Today was the day I focussed all thoughts on finding a place to live – even to the point of taking a couple of hours of work; unheard of for me! I even decided which out of my three wishlist locations my place was going to be in.

Hallelujah – Lucky Day!

I found a place exactly where I wanted at the right price and available at the right time – I told you this was a lucky day. Maybe I was destined to be there and to find it on my parents anniversary. Maybe it was because I chose today or maybe, just maybe – this is a lucky day! You tell me……..

They've still got it!


PostHeaderIcon Calendar Girls

I recently watched the movie Calendar Girls for I think, the 5th time. Yes it’s a favourite – apart from the wonderfully talented cast and acting, I love the message it sends. In fact there are several messages to be found but the one I love most is that “age is no limit.”


Calendar Girls

Those girls were just as successful and a whole lot braver in creating their nude calendar than the twenty-something year olds usually found in such publications.

When you’re wrinkle and sag-free, you’re assured that even the people who may be shocked to find you smiling back at them from an “artistic” picture, will likely admire your smooth and shapely form. Society declares youth as beautiful and the acceptable norm for all things sexy.

Stepping outside that “norm” is a brave and uncertain thing to do. How many of us would dare? Even in the movie the initial reactions of the by-standers is predictable; outrage from the women’s club members, a husband who declares the wife an embarassment…the list goes on.

The wild success of the calendar is largely due to the fact that these “calendar girls” are not the norm society expects therefore they’re depicted as brave and inspirational; rightly so. The characters surely fit my IWOM ideal anyway and every time I see the movie I’m inspired to continue doing whatever I choose and not what’s expected of me.

Hmmm, I wonder if my friends would like to be in a calendar………..

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