I’m a girl who had a dream and finally decided to live it.

I have a lovely family who are mostly normal with the required nutty relative thrown in for good measure. My son is all grown up, smart and independant but still close to his family which is perfect. My two wicked step-daughters are my very good friends, also perfect. My friends are people I would never part with – I only have the best kind.

My past includes being a makeup artist with an administrative background, a swimming teacher who’d managed a retail store and several other oddly mixed roles in between. I’ve learned ballroom, tap and salsa dancing, sung in choirs and intoxicated karaoke groups, made people look old or young and performed alongside them in many well known musicals – strictly amateur but with star quality.

My present includes being a writer, a Reiki practitioner and International Woman of Mystery – of no fixed address. Believe me, the first time I realised that was true, it seemed odd. Now it suits me fine as long as my relatives don’t mind receiving mail for me. I’m enjoying the freedom to take each new opportunity that arises and looking forward to the surprise each tomorrow brings.

My immediate future will be spent catching up with my family and friends in Australia before heading to the UK in February (2010). What’s my plan? Simply to get there and see what happens – I know I’ll work a little, travel a lot and experience as much of life as I can.

I’ll keep you posted…