INTERNATIONAL WOMAN OF MYSTERY 001 (IWOM – 001), is the title I created to describe the lifestyle I’d chosen. The idea was partially stolen from James Bond but formed because I had to think of an answer to the endless questions “what are you going to do, how will you live, where will you go?” I also thought it would be a great answer when I met people and they asked “what do you do?”

What started as a bit of a joke has stuck and I find my friends refer to me as an IWOM, even introducing me to others as an International Woman of Mystery. It’s also proven to be the conversation starter I thought it would and most people aren’t just interested in what it means but want to know how to become an IWOM!

Loving life

Loving life

I tell them it’s not a role for anyone who needs a plan but I enjoy the mystery involved in seizing opportunities as they arise. Originally I had a loose plan, consisting of what countries I wanted to visit. That type of plan would probably distress anyone who likes to know where they’re going and when, but for me it was enough.

My career as an IWOM involves having no limits other than my own, travelling as much as I can and experiencing as many new things that I can, legally. It’s also about not being afraid to make changes and step outside the expectations of others to meet my own.

I’m not the first person to change my lifestyle or follow my dreams and I won’t be the last but as far as I’m concerned, I am the first IWOM. That’s 001 to my friends.