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Hello my lovelies, whoever and wherever you are.

Last Sunday was a sunny and beautiful day in London. The kind of day you can’t let yourself stay inside. Of course on such a day I had so much to do, so much that meant computers and being inside. Or did it?

I decided there was a certain amount of things I’d planned for the day that meant I had to be at home…boring; washing, cleaning, blah! The rest? Have laptop will travel!

Heavens don’t you love the fact we can be so mobile? Maybe not if your mobility means work follows you everywhere but take it from me, be strong, switch THAT mobile or Blackberry off! Unless you’re on call of course, which I am definitely not.

My point is; I love that I can be mobile to suit ME.

Washing done, away I went with my laptop and sought out a place in the sunshine. I made a detour to visit the National Portrait Gallery and see the Glamour of the Gods exhibition; portraits from the Hollywood Golden Eras 20’s – 40’s, exactly my kind of thing.

Having walked to the gallery I had a taste of the sunshine and was very impressed at my plan. I could’ve gone out for a while then forced myself home because I had to but no, I’m equipped to stay out AND I will.

I enjoyed the exhibition then wandered back out into the sunshine. London on a sunny day is wonderful. The Londoners know their sunshine is rare and they make the most of it. Everyone ventures out so the parks are full of people playing sport, picnicking or just taking in the rays.

Summer in the Park, London

Summer in the Park, London

The atmosphere is cheerful and lively, different from the grey feeling that London is known for. There’s always a lot to do in London but in summer the options seem to double – at least!

As I made my way from the gallery toward the Thames, I wandered through a park featuring live music – for free. I’ll come back to that. I will.

Mobile me

Mobile me

I knew where I was going, I’ve been there before. Onto the RS Hispaniola.

Permanently moored  on the Thames Embankment, this ship is now a restaurant and bar. What better place to sit in the sun, on the water (I am a water girl), maybe have a glass of wine and get some writing done.

Blissful; and finally after being too busy to think, there I was, writing again and getting some sunshine. It must be the atmosphere I need because one blog entry, one glass of wine (+ 1 water of course) and an hour later – I decided to head back to the park for the final act.

Working in the park

Working in the park

Here I am again….still mobile, sitting in the park listening to blues and jazz whilst finishing my second blog entry and thinking I should remind you all again that there’s more than one place you can be to get your “stuff” done.

Today the world’s the limit and who knows, tomorrow I may even write to you from space.

Oh, but only if they have wine!



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