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Not so long ago I was looking at some of my (many) photos as I wanted to make an online birthday card for a friend. Of course I got side-tracked and started going through all my photos, including those without that friend in them; heading further off task and down memory lane.

Usually there’s no harm in reminiscing; it’s fun. However this time it sent my mind down the wrong path. The path with weeds growing through it’s cracked, litter-strewn surface. The path just waiting to trip each of us as we tread hesitantly along. The path of discontent.

You see, as I looked at photos of great times with friends or new faces, in places I know well and places I was enthusiastically learning about, I could clearly see how happy and relaxed I looked and started to wonder why I wasn’t feeling that way. Why wasn’t I doing the things I loved doing every day and why was I feeling trapped in “routine?” A place I’d promised myself I’d never be in.

This path was one I didn’t want to stay on!

As it happens, I’m a believer in positivity and attraction, you know – what we focus on we draw to us so we should try to see everything in a positive manner rather than focussing on the negative. As a result I thought about all the things I love doing and the lifestyle I want to live and how I could get back on track with that.

Then as usually happens; an opportunity appeared in the form of coincidence. I received an email containing information about a  networking event that was promoting a life coach as their guest speaker. That triggered something held on the back-burner of my brain – an interest I’d had for a few years but done nothing about due to my somewhat itinerant lifestyle. It’s been a while since I’ve stayed anywhere long enough to take on a study course.

I did a web search on coaching and and found the opportunity to do an introduction course so I enrolled immediately – before I could procrastinate! I’m so glad I did as I spent two days learning about coaching, learning some tools used in decision making and basically benefitting from some free coaching!

WHAT did the free coaching achieve?

  • A clearer focus on what I want and how I can achieve it

WHEN will that happen?

  • It’s already started; I’m now doing a six month course in personal coaching

WHY have I decided to study coaching?

  • This fits my personality, areas of strength and the lifestyle I want to live

HOW will it take away my feeling of discontent?

  • It already has, I now feel I’m on track to doing something I’ll enjoy and find satisfaction with

The great thing is; I’m focussed again and feeling good – good enough to tell you about it, good enough to ask you to think about WHAT you want, WHEN can you make a start, WHY do you want it and HOW great will you feel when you start the journey?


2 Responses to “What, when, why and HOW?”

  • Chris says:

    What do I want? – I want my own home…
    When can I make a start? Already have. Went to (many) banks 10 days ago and they all said ‘No’, but only coz I work casual and not part-time, so went to both the owner of the business I work at, and the manager and explained I had no choice but to leave…….which resulted in me being offered a part-time position (which previously didn’t exist!!) So Blake, Our Jimmy and I have spent the last 4 days looking at 19 different houses.
    Why do I want it??? While I (and B and Our Jimmy) LOVE where we are (Ma and Daddys’ feels more like HOME to the brothers and me than where we were for the last 4yrs) we are all sick of living in limbo. We are soooo ready for our new life to begin. But it can’t while we are in the comfortable cocoon that Gran’MA’s and Daddys’ house offers.
    How will it feel??? It will be sad, so sad. Simply because it will really bring an end to our old life, the one I’ve known for almost 17 years. But it will also be filled with so much joy and a sense of accomplishment. That’s what we will focus on.

    • iwom001 says:

      It sounds like you’ve worked out a great goal together and just by making that decision and putting some positive action into it you’ve already moved a step closer. Isn’t it funny how things really do happen when you focus on it…CONGRATULATIONS on basically creating your own job opportunity!

      I know the house-hunt process can be a nightmare but the result will be worth it and as you say, out of an ending comes a beginning so keep smiling. I’ll look forward to an update and a picture of your new home.

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