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PostHeaderIcon A day to remember

Today is a lucky day. I remember it every year but today it bears good tidings in more ways than one.

My parents - the happy couple (1963)

My parents - the happy couple (1963)

Today is my parents wedding anniversary – today this year (2010), it’s their 47th; so in a period where divorce is the norm, it may seem a charmed day to some, a surprising day to others but for me, it’s a lucky day.

How lucky they met, ended up together and here we all are – I have sisters, a brother, a son, nephews and a niece all because of a random lucky occurence 47 years ago.

Was it Luck? Some people believe we choose our destiny. I agree to an extent but still feel there are random opportunities that we may either take up or miss and that’s not always by choice, sometimes we’re already caught up in so many things we don’t notice the random.

My father believes your destiny is pre-determined and what’s meant to happen does. I agree that seems reasonable but still believe we have choices and random opportunities that sometimes cause us to do something in complete opposition to our usual behaviours and patterns.

Is it destiny that causes a non-gambler to buy that once in a lifetime lottery ticket and win or is it a random stroke of luck?

Was it destiny that caused my parents to meet up again some time after initially meeting and not particularly liking each other? Or was it luck that they did and then found they each weren’t so bad after all? Haha, were they really MEANT to be together or are they lucky they’ve put up with each other so long? (Love you Ma & Pa!)

Today I called to say happy anniversary – I was telling my father about the saga I’ve been living; searching for a place to live in London and the looming threat of homelessness this weekend! To my surprise he said he wasn’t worried as he always knows whatever happens I sort things out/take care of myself and will always be ok.

I’d been feeling pretty fed up with the whole situation,starting to get more than a little worried and realising I probably wasn’t radiating much positive energy however, after talking to my Dad and hearing his positive thoughts I felt heaps better and made a decision.

Today was the day I focussed all thoughts on finding a place to live – even to the point of taking a couple of hours of work; unheard of for me! I even decided which out of my three wishlist locations my place was going to be in.

Hallelujah – Lucky Day!

I found a place exactly where I wanted at the right price and available at the right time – I told you this was a lucky day. Maybe I was destined to be there and to find it on my parents anniversary. Maybe it was because I chose today or maybe, just maybe – this is a lucky day! You tell me……..

They've still got it!


PostHeaderIcon Calendar Girls

I recently watched the movie Calendar Girls for I think, the 5th time. Yes it’s a favourite – apart from the wonderfully talented cast and acting, I love the message it sends. In fact there are several messages to be found but the one I love most is that “age is no limit.”


Calendar Girls

Those girls were just as successful and a whole lot braver in creating their nude calendar than the twenty-something year olds usually found in such publications.

When you’re wrinkle and sag-free, you’re assured that even the people who may be shocked to find you smiling back at them from an “artistic” picture, will likely admire your smooth and shapely form. Society declares youth as beautiful and the acceptable norm for all things sexy.

Stepping outside that “norm” is a brave and uncertain thing to do. How many of us would dare? Even in the movie the initial reactions of the by-standers is predictable; outrage from the women’s club members, a husband who declares the wife an embarassment…the list goes on.

The wild success of the calendar is largely due to the fact that these “calendar girls” are not the norm society expects therefore they’re depicted as brave and inspirational; rightly so. The characters surely fit my IWOM ideal anyway and every time I see the movie I’m inspired to continue doing whatever I choose and not what’s expected of me.

Hmmm, I wonder if my friends would like to be in a calendar………..

PostHeaderIcon To share or not to share???

It’s been way too long since I’ve been here, I feel disappointed and annoyed at myself but more than that, totally peeved at the circumstance that steals my time!

I’m house-hunting again. It feels like a deja-vu experience of the worst kind. I’ve been in my current place around 3 1/2 months and actually really like it but can’t bear the flat-mate.

I thought after living in hostels for so long while travelling, it would be easy to share. I’ve learnt how to ignore things that are foibles, we all have them. I’ve learnt how to judge when bathrooms will be free and race in! I do things with the thought in mind that the next person may be following straight after me…..think; washing your dishes, not leaving clothes in washers or dryers or staying in the bathroom for hours.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t prepared for a person who can best be described as ‘creepy!’

That may sound cruel but when you’re a single female and move into a share situation with a supposedly mature male, you don’t expect him to immediately start acting as if you’re a couple. It’s actually quite hilarious and has provided moments of entertainment for my friends however, immediately after their laughter ends they’re telling me to get out….NOW!

Of course, I am an IWOM therefore I decided I must honour my agreement to the landlord and must also toughen up and assert my rights as an individual.  For heaven’s sake, I’m not married, don’t have a partner and so can’t see why some strange man I barely know should be sarcastic about my friends for taking up time he thought I’d be with him (why???) or demanding that I give him notice of my next visit to friends in France so that he can come! Oh la la………yes, very creepy when you consider these things happened during the first week I moved in!

So; I made a stand and made a statement about how I was renting a room and not ‘living with’ anyone and wouldn’t ever be! Since then there have been dirty dishes with food on them left for days, no taking a turn in cleaning the place and very loud TV til the early hours – I’m guessing it’s a form of revenge.

Needless to say, I stay out a lot – good for the social life and sightseeing, not so good for the budget :-)

Avatar; tree of life

Sightseeing in London - standing under the "Avatar" tree of life...looking for my mojo

I have loads of notes for things I want to write but my mind won’t work when I walk in the door to the atmosphere here – you could say I lose my mojo every time I get home. Apart from that, it’s really not so funny when you’re living it however, I do see the bright side and know this will make a hilarious if somewhat unbelievable chapter in my best-seller someday!

So as I was before, I am once again, searching for a place to live. I’m totally over the idea of sharing but unless I want to travel a long way each day it’s looking like the best option……….how many of you have lived in share-houses/flats? How many of you have made great friends and how many of you have similar horror stories of freaky, creepy, lazy or otherwise just awful sharers?

I know I’m not the only one and I know there’s nice people out there too………..anyone know of some nice people looking for a friendly, tidy house-mate?

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