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PostHeaderIcon My sissy’s birthday

May 3, it’s my sister’s birthday and once again we’re apart.

A rare occasion - in India together

A rare occasion - in India together

It’s my fault. I always seem to move too far away or take a holiday and haven’t spent many of her

birthdays with her. In fact, I don’t get to see that much of her but we’re still close and I often wish things were different. Today is one of those times.

When we were growing up we had our ‘moments’ of course. Sometimes we made up plays or dances, swam together, even buried treasure and made a map – until of course we started to fight over who’s treasure it was! We often fought, she was always too young and I was always being told to look after her or set a good example for her.

The bright side, she was always there. If there was no-one else, there she was. That may sound callous but in fact, it’s the truth…she’s always there. I have the best friends in the world but I also have my sister – two of them actually and yes, they’re always there but on this day; it’s only one of their birthdays and now that we’re all grown up, we don’t fight anymore.

We grew up together and for a while it was just us two. She’s almost opposite to me in many ways but also, so similar in many ways. I think of her always and know a two minute phone call will bring us together as easily as two hours together.

When I think of her, I smile…and that’s the way it should be.

Two naughty little girls again

Two naughty little girls again

Happy Birthday Jilly – I hope you have a wonderful day, I’ll be calling you.


PostHeaderIcon It’s not all bad…

Sometimes bad things happen to good people and a couple of weeks ago I was involved in a bad thing. The good news is it wasn’t all bad and lessons were learned. Yes, I’m still positive and surprisingly, so is the friend who was the victim of an all round bad week.

We’d decided to meet for a drink, something to eat and a catchup as my friend had fallen victim to the volcanic ash stopping flights into and out of the UK and Europe. Not only was she stuck at home on a week off but she’d missed a wedding and catchup with many old friends.

So, we found a spot, settled in for a drink and started to chat. My friend was quite philosophical about the missed holiday and looking on the bright side, noted that at least she was having a break and actually getting the things done that she didn’t usually have time for.

As we enjoyed our drinks and dinner, the place filled and we realised we were sitting under a big screen showing the football game between Spain and England…things could get messy! We finished eating just as the match ended and people started leaving – a good time for us to go too. That was when we found someone had taken my friend’s bag.

Oh my god – doesn’t describe the awful feeling of realising someone has basically grabbed your life in their hands and left you stranded. Needless to say 2-3 stressful hours of running around, trying to remember what was in the bag, what needed reporting and cancelling and deciding what should be done first, followed.

The sudden realisation that my friend’s licence with address was in the bag along with her keys sent us scurrying home – well, to her work place 1st where she had a spare set of keys, then home.

For me; it’s awful to think there are people out there who have no hesitation at taking a female’s bag and leaving her totally stranded – no money, no phone, no cards, no keys…nothing. For my friend; it was awful to think she’d been so stupid. She’d seen her bag on the floor with people sitting next to it and thought she should move it then silently reprimanded herself for being so suspicious. Now she felt like a fool.

Aside from the inconvenience and worry of having all your funds and security at risk, there was also a loss of personal and sentimental items that any woman will understand – yes, we all have so much stuff in our handbags that the loss goes way beyond the practical.

I’ve convinced my friend to stop beating herself up – we’ve all ignored those warning signs from time to time and sometimes we’re lucky, sometimes we’re not. She’s been great at looking on the bright side; how lucky we were that my bag was left so we could get home, she had spare keys and a spare phone – all positives, besides, we must accept the things we can’t change.

We’ve both learned a lesson – listen to your instincts. Don’t worry if you think you’re being suspicious or cynical, none of us want to be but on the other hand, we need to be realistic. Oh yeah, spare keys, credit card and a backup of your phone contacts isn’t a bad idea either!

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