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PostHeaderIcon Back in the day to day

Well here I am, a new location but somehow I’m back in what most people see as a normal life – and what I see as “the same old, same old.”

The good news is; I’ve moved into my new place – with only one flat mate. I guess that in itself is almost a move into “normality” after living with TEN others. That experience should make at least one great chapter for my best-seller!

My new room

My new room

The other news; I won’t say good but due to necessity it’s not bad, is – I’m working.

Yes, I’ve succumbed to the need to earn a dollar or in my case right now, to earn a pound. Of course I’d much rather still be roaming the world free as a bird to do whatever I choose whenever I choose but for now – let’s look at this as making the money to do it all again.

On the bright side; my never-ending positive outlook tells me that whilst I may feel I’m back in the day to day, living, working – all on a predictable rotation, I’m actually living in a different country where I know hardly anyone and starting out all over again so in reality – WooHoo…another adventure has just begun!

PostHeaderIcon To Montreal and back

I’m back and better than ever.

I’ve added some skills to my list, survived what I’d call freezing temperatures and learned to love snow boots! For a girl who’s never owned a pair of Ugg boots and think the name is entirely fitting; Ugg-ly, I’ve grown more attached in 10 days to my Sorel’s (Canadian turbo-boosted uggs!) than a fish to water. They are actually too warm for London weather.

Sorel's rule

Walking on a frozen lake in snow boots - Sorel's rule!

Apart from having toasty toes I also went dog-sledding and had my first ever ski lesson in Montreal. Yes, I am now able to ski unassisted down a children’s slope – something I definitely hadn’t done before. I also drove a car across a frozen lake (the lake in the snowboot pic) – haven’t told the folks back home about that yet. It was a little scary but another thing I’d never done so I didn’t want to miss the chance. To be honest, I was glad to reach solid ground but hey, at least I can say I did it.

Dogs & sleds at Mont Gabriel

Dogs & sleds at Mont Gabriel

Skiing alone

Skiing like a champ - on the children's slope

Another interesting thing I learned was that I can survive in temperatures of minus 18 degrees celsius. I was wearing three jackets, a hat, scarf, ski gloves and of course; my snowboots but I survived! Oh, and ten days is not enough to raise my French speaking skills to conversational level. I can however point to things and name them to indicate what I want in roughly the same way a three year old would so all in all, you could say Montreal brought out my inner child.

So now I’m back in the UK and there’s a lot to tell. The accommodation I organised before leaving Australia hasn’t turned out to be exactly what I thought. I’m currently living with TEN other people which is not ideal and doesn’t allow much space or time to do anything let alone write to you. I’ve spent the majority of my time house hunting and traipsing all over London checking out various areas to find a great spot to live…I found it so will be telling you more about that and living in the UK from now on.

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