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If you decide to change your lifestyle, it's usually because you know what you want to do, become or be involved with next.

On the other hand, if you don't know what you're going to do next, it's more difficult to explain and even if you don't feel the need to have a plan, people want answers.
My solution was to blurt out the first thing that came to mind that captured my intended lifestyle.
When I said I was going to become an International Women of Mystery it was tongue in cheek because at that point I was going to travel and after that...was a mystery.
The more I thought about it however, the more it fit. 
My life as an IWOM involves having no limits other than my own, travelling as much as I can and experiencing as many new things I can (legally). It’s also about not being afraid to make changes and step outside the expectations of others to meet my own.
My lifestyle changes included:

·         Taking my writing seriously

o   My goal is a best seller because, why shouldn't it be

·         Working only to earn a living not living to work

o   A cliché but oh so true

·         Doing what I want to do not what I feel obliged to do

o   Still working on that one but getting better at saying no

·         Taking even the simplest opportunities that arise

o   You never know where they may lead

·         Removing negatives from my life

o   Been doing this for a while but now, seriously sticking to it = includes people!

·       Staying up all night, talking to strangers, dancing by myself, singing out loud and having a glass of wine whenever I want - it's five o'clock somewhere!

o   Maybe this part hasn't changed after all 

To be an IWOM all you need is a free spirit
a positive attitude
the strength to live your own way
and follow your dreams

~ it's easier than you think ~ 









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